dry skin: the hydration guide

We get it, dry skin is the worst and can lead to unwanted problems. Here's our step-by-step guide on how to keep your glowing complexion year round.


Step 1: Cleanse 

Where nature meets luxury, the Earth Tu Face cleanser is our go to. Made from plants with hand-picked ingredients, this face wash cleans out the bad and infuses with good. Designed to hydrate and restore the skin to its natural balance. Did we mention it's made in California?


Step 2: Tone

For us, it seems that most toners are too harsh for our skin. That's why we love African Botanics gel based toner. This plant based gel melts into a toning and hydrating liquid. The toner hydrates, brightens, and plumps the skin. Developed and made in South Africa, we're in love with this product. 


Step 3: Serum

The key to a balanced skin diet, a good serum. Noto Botanics Deep Serum is like a dense drink from the earth for the skin. Made from all natural, simple, and organic ingredients this serum restores and hydrates your skin leaving you with a natural glow all day long.


Step 4: Cream

The motto here is don't put on your face what you wouldn't put in your mouth. Made from real food ingredients, Youth To The People has blown us away (and saved our skin) with their Kale + Spinach Green Tea Cream. This air-whipped moisture cream is packed with antioxidants that moisture and balance the skin. Your skin will thank you.


Step 5: Mask

Once a week or once a month, your skin could use a mask. Japanese and Korean technology paired with ingredients from Australia equals skin sanctuary. The Hydrating Mask Veil is like a fountain of hydration for the skin. Designed to plump, reduce fine lines, and stimulate your skin - this mask does not disappoint.