Track Pant

$185.00 $187.00

The TRACK PANT is an elastic waist, and elastic ankle track style pant styled after your favorite sweat pants silhouette.  These have the same comfort factor as your favorite cozy pants, but you look polished in public!

Constructed in our new lower environmental impact fabric blend of Cupro/Tencil. This luxe fabric is made of stronger cotton fibers and with a slightly heavier hand than Rayon.  This high sheen fabric is as luxurious as silk with a beautiful drape.

Cupro is bio-degradable and environmentally friendly; regenerated from cellulose fiber extracted from higher-quality cotton seeds pulp or wood pulp. Cupro creates no friction and does not generate static electricity when on the human body.  Cupro is known as a breathing fibre which means it is warm in the Winter and cool in the Summer.

Machine wash cold, lay flat to dry.